Complete Lines and Turnkey Solutions

At Icon we can provide complete Turnkey solutions, Full line implementation or upgrades and full project management, supply and installation of new filling lines.

With the ability to source a wide range of equipment suitable to meet almost any need across the liquid and beverage industry, Icon will work closely with our customer to plan and provide the optimal filling line and turnkey solution to meet our customer’s needs.

With years of experience managing large scale projects for high end clients, you can rest assured that Icon has the expertise to coordinate complete turnkey solutions.
What can often be an overwhelming and costly task of coordinating the supply and installation of equipment from multiple suppliers and countries, planning timelines and organising large scale projects, can all be expertly handled by Icon and out experienced team of experts.

Using our wealth experience and suppliers, Icon has the ability to supplier highly tailored and specialised solutions to a wide range of needs and requirement in an efficient and effective manner.  

From small scale filling lines consisting of bottle feeding, filling and capping, all the way to large scale factories including bottle blowing, sterilisation systems, labelling and robot palletising, Icon has a solution for your filling line needs. 

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