We also offer a range of manual and semi automatic units available to buy or rent.  Icon is ready to integrate labelling solutions to any line.

labelling machine
Semi Auto Labelling Machines

The perfect label applicators for businesses looking to
scale up production and improve labelling accuracy.

The world’s most flexible and accurate semi-automatic labelling machine.

Rotary Gravity Fillers

 We are providing state-of-the-art labeling machines that not only meet but exceed the dynamic needs of industries ranging from food and beverage industries.

Partnering with Great Engineering, multiple entry options available including : the BenchMate, BenchMate+, BenchMark, BenchDeluxe, BenchMax labeling machines

ICON’s Inline Labeling Machine

ICON Inline Labeling Machine is an innovative labeling solution engineered right here in Australia. Designed with durability, precision, and efficiency in mind, this machine isn’t just tough—it’s adaptable to your unique production requirements.

Built for reliability, our labeling machine simplifies production with quick adjustments and runs on a universally recognized PLC.

Equipped with dedicated motors for each module, perfectly synced with the central product conveyor, our machine ensures flawless label application every time. While it follows a standard modular framework, the ICON Inline Labeling Machine can be finely tuned to suit your specific product line and business goals.

Possibilities Without Limits

Our vision systems cater to an expansive range of applications, from label alignment and orientation to the identification of label details such as barcodes, expiration dates, product names, and more. They’re adept at verifying the accuracy of bottles, caps, colors, detecting improperly sealed caps, and identifying any damage to bottles or caps.

Additionally, these systems are instrumental in assessing product height, ensuring proper matrix arrangement, and confirming bottle orientation, among other uses.

Reach out to us to explore how our vision systems can meet your specific needs.

Gallery of Equipment

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