Tub, Bladder, BiB Fillers – Semi Automatic Filling Machines

Icon has a variety of solutions for the filling of tubs, bladders, and Bag-in-Box applications.                            Sourced only from our innovative partners who produce only the best quality equipment.

Bag in Box – Semi Automatic Filling Machines

Semi-automatic filling and capping machines for liquid and semi-liquid
products in BIB (bag-in-box).

The Linapack Bag in Box (BIB) semi-automatic filling and capping machine is suitable for up to 20 litre BIB or pouches. Any liquid or semi-liquid product such as sauces, beverages, liquid soap, detergent, etc can be filled.

semi automatic filling machine


Sets of change parts for different caps or spouts.

Vacuum and Nitrogen Flushing

Various dosing pumps according to the product and filled volume.

Various buffer tank designs

Clean in place (CIP) circuit

Table to hold carton box

Various conveyors, chutes etc.

    Semi-Automatic Filling Machines: Your Secret Weapon in Packaging

    Let’s face it, the packaging world is buzzing, and businesses are always on the hunt for that perfect tool. One that’s both quick and spot-on. That’s where semi-automatic filling machines shine. They’re the unsung heroes for many, especially when it comes to liquids and semi-liquids.

    semi automatic filling machine

    So, What’s All the Chatter About These Machines?

    In the business world, it’s all about getting the best bang for your buck, right? And these machines? Well, they’re like the triple-threat of the packaging world. Old-school filling can be a bit of a drag, sometimes messy and not always consistent. But these semi-automatic wonders? They’re smooth operators, making sure every package, whether it’s a bag or a box, gets filled just right. The best part? Products look uniform, and things move a lot faster.

      Good for Your Pockets

      Now, let’s talk savings. These machines are pretty sharp. They make sure not a single drop goes to waste. Imagine the savings, especially with big batches. And guess what? You won’t need an army to run them. Fewer people, same output. Plus, they’re speedy. Got a last-minute order or a holiday rush? No sweat, these machines have your back.

      semi automatic filling machine

      Keeping Things Top-Notch

      When it comes to business deals, quality is king. One off batch can throw a wrench in things. But with these machines, businesses can breathe easy. They promise top-notch quality, filling each package to perfection.

      Ready for Anything

      What’s really cool? These machines aren’t one-trick ponies. From zesty sauces to cool drinks or even your everyday cleaning stuff, they handle it all. They’re designed to deal with all sorts of textures, making them a hit across different industries.

        liquid filling machines

        We are your solution!

        With Australia’s business landscape booming, there’s a growing call for top-notch liquid filling machines. That’s where companies like Icon Equipment step in. They’re not just offering machines; they’re providing solutions tailored to the distinct challenges and aspirations of Aussie businesses.

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        Staying Updated with Icon Equipment

        For businesses looking to stay updated on the latest in liquid filling technology, the Icon Equipment YouTube channel offers insights, demonstrations, and a closer look at the innovations shaping the industry’s future.