Blow Fill Lines

The COMBOX series (blow-fill-cap) is ideally suited for high value added products and low/medium size batches. No over-sizing, no over-investment.  If you’re looking for PET Bottle Blow Molding machines, check out how Serac Blow Linear machines can provide more advantages.

Integrated Systems

Lower Investment: No silos, unscrambler, or air conveyor.

Labour cost savings: With only 1 operator for 2 machines.

Labour cost savings: Bottles weight can be reduced as bottles transportation is not required.

Improved hygiene: Less risks of dust in the bottles, hygienic level of the bottle is naturally insured by PET preform heating and direct transfer to the filler.

Reduced footprint: The Combox offers compact solutions without the need for additional equipment.

blow fill lines

From PET preform to bottle – blow fill lines

The Serac Blow Linear (SBL) series of PET blow moulding machines are the obvious solution for medium-size bottle fillers who want to keep control of their transporting and storing costs, while optimising the quality of their bottles. Serac PET bottle manufacturing machines are designed to produce formats ranging from very large, such as 5L edible oil containers, to premium or sample bottles as as small as 50 mL.

Blow Fill Lines: A B2B Game Changer in Production Efficiency

In the competitive world of industrial production, businesses are constantly seeking solutions that offer an edge. For those in the beverage and liquid packaging sectors, the answer has increasingly become clear: blow fill lines.

Why Businesses Are Turning to Blow Fill Lines

Every business decision boils down to efficiency, cost, and return on investment. Traditional filling methods, with their multiple machines and stages, often present challenges in these areas. Errors can creep in, production times can lengthen, and costs can escalate. Blow fill lines address these pain points head-on. By integrating the blowing, filling, and capping processes, they offer a streamlined solution that’s hard for businesses to ignore.

The Bottom Line: Cost Savings

For any business, the financial bottom line is paramount. Blow fill lines present a compelling case here. Think about the labor costs. Traditional setups require a team to manage each machine. With blow fill lines, businesses can achieve the same output with fewer hands on deck. That’s a direct labor cost saving. And let’s not forget the reduced need for additional equipment, which translates to lower capital expenditure and maintenance costs.

Quality Control in B2B Transactions

When businesses deal with other businesses, the stakes are high. A single batch of compromised products can damage reputations and relationships. That’s where the hygiene benefits of blow fill lines come into play. The direct transfer mechanism ensures minimal contamination risks, offering B2B clients the assurance of consistent product quality.

Optimizing Production Space for Business Scalability

Space is money, especially in prime industrial areas. Blow fill lines, with their compact design, allow businesses to maximize their existing space. This is a key selling point for B2B clients looking to ramp up production without the hefty costs of relocating or expanding their facilities.

Sustainability: A Growing B2B Concern

Today’s businesses aren’t just looking at immediate costs; they’re considering their long-term impact on the environment. Blow fill lines resonate with this forward-thinking approach. By promoting reduced plastic use, they align with the global shift towards sustainability—a significant advantage in B2B negotiations.

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