Capping Machines

High quality in-line bottle cappers for standard caps, screw caps, sports caps, spray caps, and most other cap styles.  FIcon Equipment, a leader in packaging solutions, offers a range of sophisticated capping machines tailored for diverse business needs. Their lineup includes Inline Cappers, Rotary Cappers, Pick & Place Cappers, and Lidders, each designed with precision and efficiency in mind.or low to medium volume applications, our range of inline cappers are dependable and long-lasting and provide excellent repeatable torque accuracy. Designed and built in New Hampshire, USA.

Capping Machines – Inline Cappers

Inline Cappers are ideal for streamlining production lines. They seamlessly integrate into existing conveyor systems, providing swift and accurate cap placement on a variety of container types. This versatility makes them perfect for businesses handling a diverse range of products.

Capping Machines – Rotary Cappers

Rotary Cappers stand out for their high-speed capabilities. Suited for large-scale operations, these machines handle a high volume of containers with consistent precision. Their robust design ensures reliability and durability, even in demanding production environments.

Capping Machines – Pick & Place Cappers

Pick & Place Cappers are the epitome of precision and flexibility. These machines are excellent for handling delicate or uniquely shaped caps that require careful placement. Their advanced control systems ensure accurate cap placement, making them suitable for specialized packaging needs.

Capping Machines – Lidders

Lidders, designed for products requiring secure lid placement, offer a unique solution. They are adept at handling a range of lid types and sizes, ensuring a tight seal every time. This makes them ideal for products that require airtight packaging for freshness or safety.

Bottle Capper Systems

In the B2B realm, strategic decision-making is crucial, focusing on efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and product quality. Capping machines epitomize these core values. Unlike conventional manual capping, which can be inconsistent and labor-intensive, capping machines revolutionize the process. They introduce a level of automation that guarantees consistent sealing for every container, regardless of its size or cap type. This innovation leads to uniformly high-quality products and significantly boosts the speed of production lines. With capping machines, businesses gain a competitive edge through enhanced efficiency and reliability in their packaging processes.


Maximizing Profits with Capping Machines

Delving into the financial benefits, capping machines emerge as a key asset for cost efficiency. Their exceptional accuracy in cap placement and sealing virtually eliminates waste and rework, translating into significant cost savings, particularly in high-volume production. Additionally, the semi-automated capabilities of these systems result in a marked reduction in labor costs. With fewer operators needed, businesses maintain high-quality output while optimizing workforce expenses.

Consistent Quality

One batch of poorly sealed products can significantly damage a company’s reputation and business relationships. Enter the role of capping machines. These systems ensure peace of mind, providing unwavering precision in sealing each bottle to exact standards, thus safeguarding the quality and integrity of the product. This reliability in maintaining high standards becomes a significant advantage, particularly when appealing to discerning clients who demand nothing less than perfection.


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