Sterilisation Systems

Claranor is a world leader in pulsed light sterilisation of packaging. A 0.3 millisecond intense flash of light instantly destroys surface micro-organisms.

Protect your product

Protect your product by preventing mould and bacteria contamination. Suitable for ESL, organic, dairy, vegetal products without the use of  preservatives, cold filled ketchup, low fat margarine, bottled water, low carbonated and low alcoholic beverages – Sterilisation Systems.

Suitable for most packaging types – Sterilisation Systems

Cups, trays, single serve containers, and buckets – up to 30,000 cph

All cap sizes and styles (flat, sports, etc) – up to 100,000 bph

Flexible packaging – up to 20m per min

Metal and aluminium cans and can ends for liquids or powder



How does it work?

Flashes of 0,3 millisecond of broad spectrum light, 200 to 1100 nm at 1 Megawatt.

DNA and proteins of microorganism absorb the light at specific wavelengths. This absorption conduces to a total and irreversible destruction of the cells.

Up to 5 log red on mould and bacteria (including spores). – Sterilisation Systems


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    Our Partners

    Icon Equipment offers a comprehensive list of industry leading partners, each specialists in their field of filling machinery. 



    Serac is the worlds’ leading non-contact weight filling and capping equipment manufacturer.



    Providing production automation solutions & quality components to industry leaders.


    Bottling-Machine-Icon-Equipment-Turnkey-Filling-Lines Filtec Partner

    Founded in 1958, FILTEC is a leading manufacturer of filling and capping equipment.


    Technica Partner

    Providing automation and robotic solutions across 3 locations around the world.


    STV partner

    Project and manufacturing of machines for the agro-food and canning industry.



    Traktech are specialists in empty bottle handling technologies.



    CHP, founded in Belgium in 1997, is a leading supplier of dry lubrication systems.


    Claranor Partner

    World leader in packaging sterilisation by pulsed light.

    Air Knife Systems


    Designs and manufactures high performance Blowers, Air Knives and complete blow-off systems.

    KINEX Cappers

    Kinex Partner

    Kinex Cappers manufactures capping machines, bottle cappers, and cap tighteners.