Air Knives & Blowers

Air Knife Systems designs and manufactures high performance Blowers, Air Knives and complete blow-off systems for many applications. Air knives are used to remove water, dust and debris from various products during their manufacture process. View our wide range of precision engineered machines and systems.


Bottles and containers before and after filling.

Bottles and containers before data coding.

Bottles and containers before labelling and sealing.

Pouches before packaging.

Rubber and plastic sheeting after extruding/water cooling.

Plate glass after shaping or cooling.

Dry. Blow. De-Ionise.

Drying of Pharmaceutical products: vials, IV bags, etc.

Drying of fruit and vegetables after washing.

Blow off of swarf and other process debris.

Blow off dust particles from containers during production.

De-ionized/Anti-Static blow off of various contaminants.

Standard or Customise

Air Knife Systems has a number of standard system designs for many applications. We also design and manufacture to suit any application when required to supply the best solution for the job.

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