Bottle Debaggers

Icon has a complete portfolio of debagging tables from low speed semi auto and automatic units designed and built by Icon in our Australian production facility, to high speed fully automatic debagging solutions sourced through our key partner Technica International.

Low Volume Semi Auto

Stainless steel de-bagging table to suit both round and square plastic bottles. Bagged bottles are loaded onto the table and the bag manually cut and removed by the operator.  To feed the bottles onto an exit conveyor the operator applies pressure to the manual pusher bar until all bottles have exited on the conveyor. The pneumatic control panel will house the vacuum generators and other hardware required to vacuum and hold one row of bottles at a time and transport them onto the bottle conveyor.  Suction bars are a tool-less change part.

Medium Volume Semi Auto

If your production speed cannot justify a fully automatic debagger, you shouldn’t resort to manual operations. Technica’s Semi-automatic debagger allows easy collaboration between man and machine. Simply place the bag, cut open the bag and remove it, our machine takes care of the rest.

Bottle Debaggers
High Speed Bottle Debaggers Solutions

We can offer high speed debagging solutions with full automation.

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