Inline Fillers

We offer a range of in line fillers for filling products from low to high viscosity, from water to aqueous cream. We offer both Mag Flowmeter fillers for conductive products as well as Mass Flowmeter fillers for non-conductive products.  We also offer a range of gear pump fillers, gravity fillers, peristaltic fillers, and volumetric fillers.

Gravity Fillers – Inline Fillers

Semi Automatic gravity level filler to fill free flowing low viscosity products; such as milk, water, beverages, cordials, vinegars etc. Included is a tank that will hold approximately 60 litres. The level filler is also offered with an option of a level control which will be fitted to the inside of the tank.

The level filler is completely adjustable and 200ml up to 5L bottles can be filled on the machine. Spacer change parts are supplied with the machine to adjust the fill volumes. The level filler is also very easy to clean for change overs of different products.

Inline Fillers

Flowmeter & Peristaltic Fillers

Flowmeter fillers offer high accuracy with very low maintenance as there are no moving parts. Our fillers range from 4 heads to 18 heads as well as multi-lane machines and can fill products from 7ml to 25L.

A touch screen is used to interface all control parameters to the PLC system.

Peristaltic fillers are a low cost accurate solution for many filling applications and and can be offered in many inline configurations.

Volumetric Fillers

Our fillers range from 4 heads to 16 heads as well as, multi lane machines in barrel sizes from 7ml to 5l. These piston pump fillers employ state of the art ball screw drive technology ensuring total control of suction and discharge of products. The flow of product is thus infinitely adjustable. The ball screw drive ensures un-matched accuracy and flexibility.

A tool-less change parts system is used to make fast changes between bottle sizes. Our CIP system has our unique “Drain Dry” system.  Various options are offered; such as interlocked guarding, ball screw driving diving nozzles for bottom up filling, CIP systems, container handling by scroll or pneumatic gating, colour touch screen etc.


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