Rotary Cappers

We supply rotary cappers to a number of specifications; from the basic utilising push button controls and manual turret height adjustment, to the advanced, featuring touchscreen HMIs and fully automated turret height adjustment via recipe controls.

700 Series Capper

Ideal for PET or HDPE bottles, eliminates container panelling

Suits caps from 24mm to 48mm in size

Ideal for sports and flat caps

Neck support and anti-spin devices to suit each application

Magnetic capping heads: torque & speed adjustable

Manually or automatically operated raising and lowering

Rotary Cappers for all speeds

With both low volume and high volume cappers available, we have the right rotary capper to suit most applications. 

Provides precise location between bottle neck and capping collet. Ideal for bottles requiring neck support and can cater for bottles without neck support.

Ability and adjustment to reach the optimum capping specifications (i.e. speed, torque, dwell, etc.)


Simple change over capabilities to accommodate various cap styles & sizes

Tool-less changeover

Free standing or integrated onto customer’s monoblock

Available in left or right-hand configurations

Easy access for maintenance

Reduces downtime and improves efficiency

Designed and manufactured in Australia

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