Net Weight Fillers

Electronic weigh filler-capper, made of 304 stainless steel and designed to fill a wide variety of products into various containers sizes and shapes. Our rotary weight fillers are the ideal solution to fill any homogeneous liquid products, including food, fragile, abrasive, corrosive or inflammable products.

Reduced product giveaway

Net weight fillers save considerable amount of product giveaway on account of high fill accuracy.  An accuracy of approx. 1g/litre (1 sigma standard deviation) can be expected.  The savings often completely offset the capital investment in only a few years of operation.

Net Weight Fillers

Quick change over – Net Weight Fillers

With new nozzle technology, there is no need to compromise between foamy and viscous products on the same filling line. The operator simply selects the product & package from the machine interface to adjust the filling cycles. There is no calibration required, no settings to alter and downtime is considerably reduced.

Serac uses the Single Minute Exchange of Die –SMED- methodology to optimize both the accuracy of machine settings and the change-over speed.

Features & Options

Pneumatic or brushless capper

Enclosed cabin and sterile air generator

Brushless synchronization with other equipment

Web access to key production indicators

ATEX protections

Corrosive resistant material with PP or PE parts

OIML Weight and measurement certification

Net Weight Fillers: The Smart Choice for Businesses

In the bustling world of production, every business is on a quest to find that perfect piece of equipment. One that’s both sharp in precision and swift in action. And that’s where net weight fillers come into the picture. They’re quickly becoming the favorite tool for many in the packaging game.

Why All the Buzz About Net Weight Fillers?

When businesses think about investing in new machinery, it’s a juggling act between cost, speed, and quality. Net weight fillers seem to juggle all three with ease. Instead of the old-school way of filling based on volume, these fillers go by weight. So, whether it’s a tall bottle or a short jar, it gets the exact amount of product every single time. What does that mean for businesses? Well, less waste and more consistency, for starters.

Ready for Anything

What’s really cool about net weight fillers is how versatile they are. Be it food items, tricky corrosive liquids, or even flammable products, these fillers handle them all. Built with sturdy stuff like 304 stainless steel, they’re designed to last, even in the toughest of conditions.

Thinking Green

In today’s world, it’s not just about what businesses sell, but also how they make it. People care about the planet. Net weight fillers are on board with that. By getting the fill level spot-on every time, they cut down on waste. It’s a step towards a greener, more sustainable way of doing things. And in today’s market, that’s a big thumbs up.

Good News for the Wallet

Speaking of money, net weight fillers are kind to the pocketbook. Their pinpoint accuracy means no more overfilling and wasting product. And on the flip side, no more underfilling and facing unhappy customers or pesky regulations. It’s a win-win. Plus, with their speed, businesses can whip out big orders in a jiffy.

Keeping Quality in Check

When businesses deal with other businesses, there’s no room for slip-ups. Quality is king. And that’s another feather in the cap for net weight fillers. They guarantee that each and every container is filled just right, keeping the product’s quality top-notch. It’s a big plus, especially when trying to impress those high-end clients.

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