Cap Blowers

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Icon Cap Blowers

The Icon Equipment Cap Blower allows the cap supply to be replenished from an adjoining room or from the front of the machine. This eliminates the need for staff to access the rear of the machine therefore improving line efficiencies and removing potential OH&S issues.              Some features include:

Stainless steel construction c/w removable access panels.

Full electrics with PLC control – Manual/Auto operation – Cap sorter interface

Optionally with HEPA

3 colour stack light c/w audible alarm for low cap warning

Vibratory feeder with stainless steel tray – Variable output control

Large Hopper capable of holding 6500 + caps

Hinged polycarbonate lid for easy access – Removable air filter

HEPA Air System for the Cap Blower includes fan blower, 600 x 600 HEPA filter, pre filter, stainless steel ducting, stainless mounting frame and manometer.

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