Icon partners with RML Machinery who specialise in the design and build of palletising solutions that will maximise the amount of product per load, while ensuring that stability and product quality are never compromised.  

Talk to us about robotic and hybrid palletisers. Combine them with a cartoner and case packer as part of a wholistic solution for maximum efficiency at your end-of-line.  

Palletising challenges accepted

Tricky shapes, sizes, weights and materials can make palletising a real challenge and that’s where RML and Icon thrive. We also have decades of experience in integrating laser guided vehicles and laser guided straddle vehicles plus of course robotic palletising systems that can operate around the clock.

High performance solutions designed just for you 

Our technical sales and design team will collaborate with you to create a system that’s well thought out, integrates with your production line and drives business efficiency. 

Gallery of Equipment

Browse through some of the equipment in the Icon Equipment Range.