ICON Labelling Machines, proudly designed, manufactured, and built right here in Melbourne, Australia. Our labelling solutions are tailored to cater to your specific manufacturing process needs. With a focus on precision, efficiency, and reliability, our machines ensure seamless integration into your production line, helping you achieve optimal results every time.

ICON Inline labeling machine

ICON’s Labeller—an Australian-engineered labelling machine designed for durability, accuracy, and efficiency. Beyond its heavy-duty build and high-speed capabilities, this system offers customized solutions tailored to your unique needs.

Crafted with reliability in mind, the labeller ensures minimal changeover time through the use of numerical counters on adjustments. Operated with industry-standard PLC and user-friendly touch-screen HMI, our labelling systems guarantee straightforward control.

The incorporation of individual motors in all modules, synchronized with the main product conveyor, ensures consistently accurate label placement. Though following a standard modular design, each ICONS Labeller is thoughtfully customized to fit your specific scope, products, and business requirements.

Labeling Station

The labelling station integrated into the system is a high-speed setup equipped with a motorized web waste rewind system.
This feature allows the station to efficiently handle a complete roll of label web waste without requiring operator intervention. Recognizing that clear labels may not be readily available, we’ve incorporated our standard optical intelligent gap detection sensor from the outset. However, flexibility is a priority, and the system can be upgraded at any time to include a dual-technology optical and ultrasonic sensor, designed for future enhancements.
The labelling station design is versatile, ready to seamlessly integrate with any typical thermal transfer printing system and a label/print inspection system. The primary label head plate is crafted from billet heavy-duty aluminium, meticulously CNC machined for optimal flatness and accuracy, and then hard anodized for durability and chemical protection. All label direction rollers undergo anodization and utilize low-friction bearings to minimize drag, ensuring a smoother dispense feeding process.
The labeling system features a vacuumized wrap belt assembly designed to precisely control the label application. This module incorporates an SEW AC gear motor, powered by a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) within the control system. Operators have the flexibility to adjust the speed seamlessly via the HMI.
The drive assembly is equipped with a precision heavy-duty rotary pulse encoder, seamlessly integrating with the labeling station to synchronize label dispense, ensuring consistency regardless of speed changes.
Options are provided for a vision system, designed and integrated by Icon’s expert vision team, for batch/expiry printed information inspection, and additionally missing label detection inspection and fully automated rejection system. The rejection system also includes a reject confirmation system with configurable “Consecutive Rejects to Machine Stop” counter, all adjustable from the machine central HMI.


Features a tailored conveyor module designed to meet your production line specifications. The length and layout details will be finalized during an on-site visit for seamless integration. The conveyor comprises a drive end powered by an SEW AC gear motor and an enclosed idler end.

Infeed and outfeed side panels are designed to be flush mounted where required for close-coupled side transfers. Heavy duty adjustable guide rail assemblies are provided throughout. The conveyor is connected to the base frame with three heavy duty mounting points. All side panels are stainless steel.

Equipped with infeed and outfeed high-level detection sensor assemblies designed for automated line control and product feed pausing as needed. The sensor units are high-end optical units compatible with the most translucent products, including clear PET. Sensor teaching is straightforward, requiring just a single two-second press of the teach button—nothing more.

    Bottle Spacing

    The system includes a multi-layered spacing wheel and compressive pressure assembly, both fully adjustable to accommodate a variety of product sizes. Powered by an SEW AC gear motor and controlled by a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) in the system’s control unit, the motor’s speed can be easily configured by the operator through the HMI that oversees the entire machine.

    Automatic pausing and resumption of the product feed are seamlessly managed based on the infeed product level and outfeed accumulation, ensuring a smooth and efficient operation.

    Machine Frame

    Heavy duty machine base frame for maximum rigidity in operation. Integrated electrical and control system enclosure. Six machine feet, all adjustable. Frame also encloses the vacuum pump. Frame is vented and includes a ventilation fan. Top and bottom plates, as well as all doors and end panels as all stainless steel. Gland plates with metal gland entries are provided to both ends of the machine for convenient power and up/downstream I/O connections.