Custom Assembly Solutions 

Icon partners with RML Machinery to create world-class custom assembly automations. We can fasten, screw, weld or rivet parts together or engineer a system feed from an injection moulding machine.  

We have decades of experience working with multiple materials and applications and the technical programming skills to control the most challenging of tasks.  

Challenges accepted 

Our customers come to us for a diverse range of solutions – from constructing RFID tracked products, electric magnetic coils, infant formula lids to agricultural products. We work with a wide variety of materials too, from plastics and metals through to electronic components and even wood.


Smart technology and production ready performance 

We will collaborate with you on the design of each custom assembly and then engineer, build and test with a team of experts using the best available technology, software and equipment. Our engineers have vast experience integrating the control systems, user interfaces and motion hardware required. 

Gallery of Equipment

Browse through some of the equipment in the Icon Equipment Range.