Bottle Capping Machine Australia

High quality in-line bottle cappers for standard caps, screw caps, sports caps, spray caps, and most other cap styles.  For low to medium volume applications, our range of inline cappers are dependable and long-lasting and provide excellent repeatable torque accuracy. Designed and built in New Hampshire, USA.  

Bottle Capping Machine Australia

The first Kinex Capping Machine was built in 1937.  Since then, innovation and development has not stopped.  Today, Kinex offers a wide variety of capping equipment and accessories for both low speed and higher speed applications. Teaming up with Icon Equipment in Australia, to offer the highest levels of service.


Excellent Repeatable Torque Accuracy

Saves and Stores Capping Programs

Calculates and Displays the Production

Rate (Bottles/Minute)

Easy to navigate menu

East to Set-up. Easy to Adjust

Mounts over new or existing conveyor

Rental options

Buy or Rent for short or long term

Easy Setup

No need for special skills or technicians

Quality Construction

Robust design for industrial applications


Gallery of Equipment

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