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Automated line solutions, liquid bottle filling machine

Icon Equipment International Pty Ltd specializes in providing the flowable liquid industry with automated line solutions, emphasizing innovation, robust engineering, and attentive customer service. Our semi-automatic gravity level filler, designed for efficiently handling free-flowing, low-viscosity products like milk, water, beverages, cordials, and vinegars, comes with a 60-litre capacity tank. Additionally, we offer an optional level control feature for enhanced precision, installed directly inside the tank, showcasing our commitment to delivering adaptable automated line solutions tailored to specific production needs.


Providing innovative solutions for all your filling & packaging needs

Icon Equipment International Pty Ltd excels in delivering automated line solutions tailored to meet the diverse needs of the flowable liquid industry, leveraging innovation, rigorous engineering, and dedicated customer support. Our offerings span complete packaging lines designed to accommodate both low and high-speed production demands across various sectors, including food & beverage, chemical, personal care, and pharmaceutical industries, ensuring comprehensive support for all your filling and packaging requirements with cutting-edge automated solutions.

Automatic Liquid Bottle Filling Machine

Icon Equipment International Pty Ltd specializes in automated line solutions, offering a premier selection of automated liquid bottle filling machines tailored for 100ml bottles. These advanced machines are ideally suited for the food and beverage industry, capable of accommodating various bottle types. As a leading manufacturer in this space, Icon Equipment’s 100ml bottle filling machines are renowned for their reliability and are trusted by the world’s top brands.

For businesses in search of efficient automated line solutions, Icon Equipment stands out as the optimal provider. Our comprehensive range of 100ml bottle filling machines is designed to meet diverse bottling needs, backed by expert guidance to ensure you find the perfect fit for your operations. Reach out to discover more about how our automated liquid bottle filling machines can streamline your production process.

DAIRY INDUSTRY – Automatic liquid bottle filling machine

Icon Equipment International Pty Ltd excels in providing automated line solutions tailored for the demanding dairy sector. Our filling, capping, and packaging systems are engineered for high-speed, continuous operation, even in challenging wet and humid conditions. Designed to withstand regular washdowns and Clean-In-Place (CIP) protocols, our equipment ensures optimal hygiene and efficiency.

Understanding the delicate nature of dairy products like milk, our automated line solutions are developed to handle these sensitive products with the utmost precision. With Icon Equipment’s deep expertise, we are equipped to overcome the unique challenges of the dairy industry, ensuring product integrity and production excellence.


Icon Equipment International Pty Ltd delivers top-tier automated line solutions with our 100ml Aseptic Filling Machine, designed for the dairy industry’s unique needs. This machine offers aseptic packaging capabilities for milk, yoghurt, cream, and buttermilk, ensuring high-speed, continuous operation while maintaining products in sterile conditions to prevent bacterial growth.

Beyond dairy, our 100ml Aseptic Filling Machine adeptly handles a variety of other 100ml bottles, catering to juices, sports drinks, and water, making it a versatile solution for diverse bottling needs. For those in search of reliable automated line solutions, Icon Equipment provides a broad selection of 100ml bottle filling machines, backed by expert guidance to ensure you find the ideal equipment for your specific requirements. Reach out to explore how our automated liquid bottle filling machines can enhance your production process.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Icon Equipment International Pty Ltd offers automated line solutions that thrive in the high-demand, fast-paced environment of beverage production facilities. Our 100ml Aseptic Filling Machine is engineered to meet the needs of an industry that operates around the clock, catering to products with diverse sugar or acidity levels. This flexibility is crucial as consumer preferences shift rapidly from energy drinks to sports drinks, and from spring water to fruit juices, demanding adaptable filling solutions.

Designed for high-speed, continuous operation, our 100ml Aseptic Filling Machine can handle up to 9000 bottles per hour, ensuring that even the most unique and small-scale production runs can be accommodated with ease. This capability allows for swift product changes, aligning with the dynamic demands of the market and marketers alike. Whether it’s for juices, sports drinks, or water, our machine offers the versatility and efficiency needed for today’s beverage industry challenges.

Professional Engineering and Design

Leveraging over three decades of expertise in bottling machinery design and manufacturing, Icon Equipment International is a leader in automated line solutions, particularly for the 100ml bottle filling sector. Our engineering team specializes in creating 100ml bottle filling machines tailored to the precise needs of our clients.

Beyond crafting state-of-the-art machinery, we provide comprehensive services including installation, commissioning, training, and extensive after-sales support, ensuring you have all the resources necessary for seamless operation. If you’re in the market for a 100ml bottle filling machine, Icon Equipment stands as your ideal partner.

Discover the difference with Icon Equipment’s automated line solutions. For more information about our 100ml bottle filling machines or to discuss your unique bottling requirements, don’t hesitate to contact us today. Explore our diverse range and find the perfect fit for your production needs.

Turnkey Filling Lines

In addition to our specialized 100ml bottle filling machines, Icon Equipment International provides a comprehensive suite of automated line solutions for the bottling industry. This includes advanced capping machines, labeling machines, and conveyors, alongside offering complete turnkey bottling line solutions tailored to meet the full spectrum of our customers’ needs.

Our dedicated team of professionals collaborates closely with each client to design and construct customized bottling lines that align precisely with their specific operational requirements. We ensure a full-service approach, encompassing machine installation, commissioning, training, and robust after-sales support, to facilitate a smooth and efficient production process.

For those in search of either a specialized 100ml bottle filling machine or a fully integrated bottling line solution, Icon Equipment stands as the ideal partner. Reach out to us today to explore how our automated line solutions can enhance your production capabilities and adapt to the dynamic demands of the beverage industry, including handling products with varying sugar or acidity levels and accommodating the evolving preferences of consumers.

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