Thursday,19 Dec 2019
Icon will be shutdown over the holiday period from noon December 19th 2019 and returning January 6th 2020
Wednesday,11 Dec 2019
Farewell to a great boss, coworker, mentor and friend.
Monday,28 Oct 2019


One thing that we pride ourselves on here at Icon is our service. Our service is what makes us great and our people are what make our service excellent.

Thursday,03 Oct 2019
The team here at Icon Equipment are proud to announce the new role and promotion of staff member Maz Al-Shibani to General Manger of the business.
Monday,04 Feb 2019

Are you taking full advantage of the servicing opportunities available to you?

Tuesday,13 Nov 2018
Reconditioned, Second hand, Refurbished. These are all words that most of us would associate with warehouse sales, factory rejects and sub quality products with faults and flaws. But this is not the case here. At Icon we take a different approach to ‘Second Hand’. At Icon Equipment, Second hand equipment is a core aspect of our business and offering. It is an area that we pride ourselves on. We take traded in used equipment, strip it down and refurbish it with new parts and tooling. Our refurbished equipment works just as well as a brand new machine. In fact most of the time it difficult to tell the difference.
Thursday,21 Dec 2017

We will be shutting down over the holidays from 12pm, Friday the 22nd of December until Wednesday the 3rd of January.

During this period please send through any and all enquries as normal and we will do our best to follow up upon our return.

Wednesday,15 Mar 2017

We here at Icon Equipment are proud to announce that we are again sponsoring The Beanie Charity Golf Tournament.

Friday,24 Feb 2017

It has been two weeks since Icon attended Auspack 2017 in Sydney and we are still busy chasing up contacts and following up with enquiries. There is no question as to how much we loved Auspack and how excited we are to attend our next show.