Capper for Rent

Start faster. For less.

The rental option allows you to acquire some equipment without tying up cash or capital, and offers flexibility throughout the terms of the agreement.

Fixed payments with tax incentives.

Not sure how quickly your product volumes will grow?  Trialling a new product?  Or just don’t have the capital to get it done quickly.  Icon Rentals can support you through this exciting phase.

Capper for Rent
Buy or Rent. Short or Long Term.

If purchasing new equipment is not financially viable or want to get started before you have the finances, Icon Rentals can offer rental options on many of the machines we supply.

With predictable monthly payments, and end-of-term options including purchasing, re-renting, upgrading or simply return the equipment.

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Spare Parts

Local high-quality parts to keep you running, learn more about what we can supply.

Equipment Rentals

Not ready to commit while you’re growing, or to make a project viable, learn more about our rental offering.

Complete Lines & Turnkey Solutions

We specialise in providing a full service from scope to start-up. Learn more about what we do.

Engineering & Design

Our engineering team is experienced and ready to take on challenging projects. See our capabilities.

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From servicing to troubleshooting, preventative maintenance agreements, to optimisation advice, we’re here to help.

Change Parts

With decades of experience making precision high-strength change parts, our team does it all, from design to production.

Bespoke Solutions

Talk to us about your requirements and our capabilities to design and build just what you need.

Retrofits & Upgrades

Retrofits & Upgrades with ever-changing requirements, we are able to re-purpose and upgrade equipment to suit your current needs.

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Equipment Available for Rent

Take a look at a few of the machines and accessories that are available for rental. Many more available, give us a call and discuss your requirements.