Automated Bottle Filling Machines

Our selection of automated bottle filling machines caters to various product consistencies, from thin liquids to thick creams. Our lineup includes Mag Flowmeter fillers tailored for conductive liquids and Mass Flowmeter fillers for non-conductive substances. Additionally, we provide an assortment of filling solutions such as gear pump fillers, gravity fillers, peristaltic fillers, and volumetric fillers, designed to optimize your bottling process across a wide range of viscosities.

Gravity Fillers

Our automated bottle filling machines, specifically designed for gravity filling, are ideal for efficiently bottling low viscosity, free-flowing products like milk, water, beverages, cordials, and vinegars. These machines come equipped with a 60-litre holding tank and feature an optional level control fitted inside the tank for precise filling.

Fully adjustable to accommodate a wide range of bottle sizes, from 200ml to 5L, our automated bottle filling and capping machines ensure versatility and ease of operation. With supplied spacer change parts, adjusting fill volumes is straightforward, enhancing the machine’s adaptability. Moreover, the system’s design facilitates easy cleaning, making product changeovers hassle-free and efficient.

Automated Bottle Filling Machines

Our portfolio features an extensive array of automated bottle filling and capping machines, tailored to meet every filling requirement for various bottle and container types. Icon Equipment offers an assortment of both in-house manufactured and meticulously reconditioned machines, alongside a selection of low and high-speed solutions. These are procured through our extensive network of key suppliers, specializing in advanced equipment designed to accommodate any filling need.

Net Weight Fillers

Our automated bottle filling and capping machines include state-of-the-art electronic weigh fillers, crafted from 304 stainless steel, to cater to a broad spectrum of products for diverse container sizes and shapes. Designed for precision, our rotary weight fillers are the perfect match for filling homogeneous liquid products, ranging from food items to those that are fragile, abrasive, corrosive, or inflammable. These machines are engineered to deliver accuracy and reliability across various industries, ensuring optimal filling solutions for every application.

Aseptic Fillers

Our automated bottle filling and capping lineup features state-of-the-art aseptic fillers, employing chemical treatments like peracetic acid or hydrogen peroxide, and electron-beam sterilization for efficient and eco-friendly packaging. The machines come with a uniquely designed filling turret, equipped with patented magnetic valves for precise filling. They also include a servo-driven capper, a hygienic waterproof heat sealer, and an aseptic isolator with sterile airflow, ensuring maximum cleanliness. A CIP/SIP module for straightforward cleaning and sterilization is also provided, making these machines ideal for meeting the highest sterility standards in bottling.

Blow-Fill Lines – Automated Bottle Filling Machine

Our COMBOX series, part of the automated bottle filling machine lineup, is perfectly tailored for high-value products and small to medium-sized batches, ensuring efficiency without oversizing or overinvestment. For those in need of PET bottle blow molding solutions, our Serac Blow Linear machines offer significant advantages, aligning seamlessly with various production needs and enhancing operational efficiency.

Tub, Bladder, BiB Fillers

Our automated bottle filling machines include versatile solutions for filling tubs, bladders, and Bag-in-Box (BiB) applications. These are carefully selected from our innovative partners, ensuring access to only the highest quality equipment tailored for a range of packaging needs.

IBC-Drum Fillers

Our automated bottle filling machine selection also encompasses options for Drum and IBC fillers, designed to efficiently handle any liquid or semi-liquid products. These systems are engineered to meet diverse industrial filling requirements with precision and reliability.

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Our Partners

Icon Equipment offers a comprehensive list of industry leading partners, each specialists in their field of filling machinery. 



Serac is the worlds’ leading non-contact weight filling and capping equipment manufacturer.



Providing production automation solutions & quality components to industry leaders.


Bottling-Machine-Icon-Equipment-Turnkey-Filling-Lines Filtec Partner

Founded in 1958, FILTEC is a leading manufacturer of filling and capping equipment.


Technica Partner

Providing automation and robotic solutions across 3 locations around the world.


STV partner

Project and manufacturing of machines for the agro-food and canning industry.



Traktech are specialists in empty bottle handling technologies.



CHP, founded in Belgium in 1997, is a leading supplier of dry lubrication systems.


Claranor Partner

World leader in packaging sterilisation by pulsed light.

Air Knife Systems


Designs and manufactures high performance Blowers, Air Knives and complete blow-off systems.

KINEX Cappers

Kinex Partner

Kinex Cappers manufactures capping machines, bottle cappers, and cap tighteners.