Price starts at $8,900.00

Secondhand Handifiller



For connection to any suitable gravity supply tank.   The filler is equipped with externally removable filling valves and air operated cap tightening device.  The machine is manufactured in stainless steel and is free standing.

Hand operated rotary cap sorter, cap chute and applicator available.

Operation procedure
The Handifiller table holds 4 bottles, two of which are located under the filling valves, these being standard Icon Filling valves.  The other two are in the capping area at the front of the table.  The two bottles in this capping area have received caps from the cap sorter applicator.  A pneumatic cap tightener is then used to tighten caps to a preset torque.

The table is then unloaded of filled bottles, replacing these with empty containers awaiting the fill cycle.  The two filled bottles are lowered from the fill valves, the table rotates to locate two empty bottles under the valves prior to being raised pneumatically to the filling valves to recommence the cycle of operations. Ie. Load – fill – cap – tighten – unload – load.

Estimated speed on a 2 litre bottle filling juice would be 6 to 10 bottles per minute.