Icons very own service Technician, Thibaut Flamant, recently spent time in Southern Paris where he undertook extensive training at Claranor on their Pulse Light Sterilization systems. Thibaut has since returned and has brought back with him expert knowledge and experience with Claranors machines and a depth of understanding of food and beverage sterilisation. Thibaut is busy at work sharing this information with the rest of the Icon family and putting his new found experience to good use. Thibaut is now certified to handle Claranors Pulse Light Sterilization units

What exactly is “Pulse Light Sterilization”?

Pulse Light Sterilization or PLS, is a form of sterilising and decontaminating that has been applied to the food and beverage industry by Claranor. It works by having bacteria and contaminants exposed to high concentrations of UV light. Similar to UV we are exposed to by the sun on a daily basis but in a vastly higher concentration and focused and aimed in a very localised area. The UV light is positioned above the item to be sterilised and then flashes once at a very high level, sterilizing the surface of the item.  Claranor has spent years researching and perfecting this technology and developed a range of applications which include almost any form of cap (flat, sports, crown, foils, lids, etc.), tubs and cups of varying shapes, sizes and materials and preforms used in the blow mould manufacturing of bottles. The optical bay is an enclosed sterilising environment which prevents human exposure to the UV and uses reflectors to ensure the flash is targeted at the item and reaches every surface. Sterilisation occurs as the item passes through or under the optical bay.

This method of sterilisation is proving superior for more than its high level of effectiveness. It is also a completely chemical free process, requiring no acids, radiation or other potentially harmful dangers, making it a very green, environmentally friendly process. It is very energy efficient, in some cases using three times less energy than other methods. It is a completely dry process, requiring no rinsing or bathing of the items and saving on drying time and equipment. And it is logistically efficient, being installed directly on the line during the production and filling process eliminating the need to sterilise the items prior (such as with forms of bathing or rinsing sterilisation).

So what does this mean?

What does this mean for Icon, for our customers, for you? It means we have a certified expert on hand ready to assist you with whatever you need. For customers with Claranor PLS equipment we are able to provide maintenance and service for Claranor equipment as well as be more effective with diagnostics when issues arise. We are well equipped and ready to handle installations and provide expert consultation to those seeking to purchase or interested in knowing more about Pulse Light Sterilization. This is just another step we at Icon have taken to ensure that not only do our customers have access to the best equipment available, but that they also receive the absolute best service possible and that we are fully committed to assisting our customers to succeed.