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Bottling milk presents numerous challenges, including foaming, contamination risk, temperature sensitivity, viscosity variations, and product handling complexities, meeting stringent requirements. Icon has decades of experience in dairy filling and successfully managing these challenges.

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The Icon Equipment and Serac Partnership

Icon Equipment proudly serves as the official distributor for Serac in Australia, bringing cutting-edge milk bottling machinery to the market. This partnership guarantees that dairy businesses have access to top-of-the-line equipment, integrating Icon Equipment’s decades of industry knowledge with Serac’s technological expertise. – click here for Serac’s website

Serac: A Trusted Partner in Milk Bottling

Serac’s journey in the world of packaging has been marked by innovation and expertise. Pioneering aseptic filling machines since 1978, particularly for UHT milk in PEHD bottles, Serac has become a cornerstone of success in the dairy industry.

Serac’s influence extends across a broad range of liquid dairy products, addressing varying microbiological sensitivities in UHT milks, sterilized milks, pasteurized milks, flavored milks, yogurts, and creams. The versatility of Serac’s machines is underscored by their adaptability to different materials—be it PEHD, PET, PP, PS, glass, or metal containers.

Serac offers on-site bottle manufacturing solutions for PET through innovative solutions like SBL and Combox for stretch blow molding.

    Hygienic design

    with a steadfast commitment to food safety, Serac prioritizes hygienic design in the manufacturing of food packaging machines, adhering to guidelines set forth by esteemed organizations such as EHEDG, 3A, and FDA.

    • The Serac UPFILL aseptic filling machine showcases optimized hygienic design, minimizing disruption of laminar airflow in the filling zone.
    • The turret is designed for easy cleaning, eliminating retention zones.
    • The CIP/SIP system operates automatically, requiring no manual intervention for efficient cleaning.
    • Electronic systems are strategically isolated from the sterile zone, ensuring accessibility during production and upholding stringent hygiene standards.

    Serac’s Rotary Net Weight Filling Technology

    Serac’s filling technology offers several key benefits:

    • Reduced Product Losses: Ensures minimal wastage.
    • Increased Production: Ability to produce and pack more bottles each day.
    • Enhanced Shelf-life: Reduces cleaning downtime and increases product shelf-life.
    • Versatility: Can fill both foamy and viscous dairy products without the need for change-over.

    Serac’s  Blow fillers

    The Serac Blow Linear (SBL) series of PET blow molding machines stands out as the ideal solution for medium-sized bottle fillers. This series empowers fillers to maintain control over transporting and storing costs while optimizing the quality of their bottles.

    With an output range of 4,000 to 18,000 bottles per hour, the SBL series boasts an innovative design that prioritizes operator safety and user-friendliness, enhancing production uptime.

    Featuring easy access from all sides, numerous openings, and two sliding doors, the mold sliding rack is crafted for seamless changeovers. Serac’s advantages include quick mold changeovers facilitated by a one-piece mold, swift spindle nose changes, full servo motor control, and intelligent ovens ensuring accurate control of PET heat distribution.

      Navigating Challenges in Milk Bottling

      Bottling milk presents a range of challenges, from foaming and contamination risk to temperature sensitivity, viscosity variations, and intricate product handling. Issues like foaming may result in inconsistent fill levels, while the temperature sensitivity and viscosity variations of milk demand careful handling, adding complexity. Serac machines address these challenges through advanced technologies, employing systems like net-weight filling and laminar flow, ensuring efficient and safe milk bottling processes.

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