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Net Weight Filling

Serac is the worlds’ leading non-contact weight filling and capping equipment manufacturer.  With over 4,000 machines installed globally, with more than 20 in Australia, we are proud to be a Serac partner in Australia.

Serac were the first company to develop net-weight filling technology 40 years ago. Serac utilise a magnetically actuated aseptic nozzle to deliver the most accurate, reliable and efficient fillers available.  

The many benefits delivered by Serac weight fillers are: 

  • Extremely high tolerance filling accuracy, owing to laminar flow filling and individual container taring
  • The hygienic filling nozzle contains no seals, has only one moving part and does not contact the container
  • Individual bottle taring allows for detection of container anomalies and immediate adjustment of filling parameters
  • Extremely simple fluid path design ensures a fast and effective CIP process
  • Minimised maintenance requirement owing to very few moving parts
  • Significantly reduced product give-away compared to other fillers
  • Laminar flow nozzle design provides filling precision for all products, foaming, or not.
  • Changes in product temperature or fluid air content do not affect the filling accuracy
  • Is suitable for products with pulp or other inclusions
  • Up to 90 filling heads possible on a rotary filling solution
  • Extremely fast tooling and product change-overs owing to light weight ‘plug-on’ technology, with no hand tools required
  • Optional product diversion system can detect for under-fill, no cap and incorrect cap, ensuring 100% product quality


The various types of Serac filling machines including:

Aseptic Filling

Serac presently proposes a wide range of packaging sterilization for filling in an aseptic environment. Up to 36,000 bottles per hour (1L)

Ultra-clean Filling

New generation of filler, inspired by aseptic filling, extremely modular and easy to upgrade. Available in Block version with bottle blowing. Up to 24,500 bottles per hour (1L)

Dairy Standard Filling

Filling, capping and heat-sealing machines.  Up to 36,000 bottles per hour (1L)

Icon Equipment International has the expertise and experience to advise the ideal filler for you application.  Our technical support team is fully trained to promptly service the Serac range of net-weight liquid fillers.


Filling, capping and packaging solutions within the dairy sector must be capable of high speed, continuous operation, often in wet, humid environments which are subject to regular wash down and CIP regimes.

And because milk is a sensitive product, it must be handled very precisely. Icon Equipment International has the expertise to meet these challenges.

Icon Equipment International has over 25 years experience within the dairy sector, with our filling systems, for example, used to fill yoghurt tubs at relatively low speeds, through to extremely high speed fresh milk facilities. All of our equipment is manufactured from stainless steel and is easily washed down. Our fillers have simple CIP cleaning requirements, with some models able to operate for over 24 hours between CIP cycles.


Spare and change parts available


Change parts may be required where there are bottles and caps of different size and shape being used during production. Each variation in size and shape requires a separate change part to be placed on the filler and capping system to enable smooth operation.

Icon Equipment also supplies the highest quality spare parts for a range of filling machines including Fogg, Federal, Graham Enoch, Cherry Burrell, UDEC and UFS.