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Claranor develops Packaging Sterilization Solutions using the Pulsed Light technology for dairy, beverage, food and more recently for pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries.

The equipment allows the sterilization of caps, necks of preforms or bottles, cup and lid, flexible packaging, packaging dedicated to infant milk powder, tubs, unidoses at levels consistent with industrial requirements, and respecting line rates.

With no water or chemicals, Claranor solutions are compact and easy to integrate on new or existing lines. In 2021, more than 500 machines are in operation worldwide in 52 countries. A sustainable, efficient, and economical alternative to conventional methods (chemical, gamma-irradiation, flaming or UV).

Claranor offers a turnkey decontamination project solution through a global expertise of:

  • Constructor, all our sterilization units are designs and produces in France
  • Microbiology: Claranor has its own laboratory and a team of microbiologists and carries out tests on the packaging submitted to it by its customers. These tests are conducted in accordance with the VDMA protocols (Association of German Equipment Manufacturers, Aseptic Machinery Department).
  • Integrator: Claranor works closely with the most famous OEM and has also 17 years of expertise in integration on production-lines
  • Services: Claranor ensure a worldwide presence with a support team of field technicians and 25 agents & distributors.


Main advantages highlighted by our clients:

  • POWERFUL: 3 to 5 log decontamination level on bacteria, including spores & moulds.
  • COMPACITY: easy to integrate on new or existing line
  • NON-HEATING & NON-CHEMICAL surface treatment, it respects the integrity of your
  • PROFITABILITY: strong savings in energy consumption and running costs compared to other
    sterilization methods.
  • OPERATOR FRIENDLY: safe and easy to use
  • CLEANTECH: using no water or chemicals, is energy efficient.


Filling, capping and packaging solutions within the dairy sector must be capable of high speed, continuous operation, often in wet, humid environments which are subject to regular wash down and CIP regimes.

And because milk is a sensitive product, it must be handled very precisely. Icon Equipment International has the expertise to meet these challenges.

Icon Equipment International has over 25 years experience within the dairy sector, with our filling systems, for example, used to fill yoghurt tubs at relatively low speeds, through to extremely high speed fresh milk facilities. All of our equipment is manufactured from stainless steel and is easily washed down. Our fillers have simple CIP cleaning requirements, with some models able to operate for over 24 hours between CIP cycles.