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Entry level machines through to Complete TurnKey Solutions


Icon Equipment use the latest technologies from across the world to deliver results for our clients

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Delivering machines that work with ongoing service and maintenance as required

Services and Support

Icon Equipment’s Bottling Equipment Services ranges from initial assessments prior to purchase through to upgrade projects. With over 30 years’ experience in the bottling industry providing bespoke solutions for our clients across Australia & New Zealand at highly competitive rates.

Well maintained and serviced equipment can perform more efficiently, will have a greater lifecycle and retain greater value. Often bottling plant is the second largest capital equipment investment in a food, beverage and packaging business.

With bottling lines and bottler coolers from Icon Equipment you can be assured to receive fully integrated service and support to maximize your bottling process productivity. Our team of experts can provide superior services which ensures our clients bottling plant continues to run efficiently and productively by reducing unplanned downtime, scheduled maintenance costs and long term total cost of ownership. With Icon Equipment’s Bottling Equipment Services you won’t have to worry about bottling line breakdowns or down time that can risk running costs, reduce profitability or damage production quality. Emergency 24-hour “on call” response for urgent problems

Regular scheduled routine audits: Well maintained bottling systems perform at optimum efficiency

Immediate response to bottling line breakdowns or bottling plant emergencies for fast problem resolution.

Efficiently managed bottling equipment service program that ensures all bottling equipment is fully maintained and serviced

Bottling lines, bottler coolers, labeler to bottle re-fillers are valuable assets with specialist support required

Bottling Equipment Services provided by Icon Equipment will enable you to optimise production output and improve product quality.


Site Work & Installations

Site work is at the core of everything we do and is where we are most at home. On any given day we have technicians in the field conducting line audits, installing, commissioning, and conducting preventative maintenance activities. We have resources to pull off any installation and will take it from concept to you turning the key for the first time.

We have many years of experience in installation, commissioning, project work, and other onsite assignments throughout the liquid filling and packaging industries. Our highly trained team of engineers as well as our integrated trade contractors are fully capable and equip to meet your needs and ensure every project, regardless of its scope or size is successful.

We have the knowledge to provide fixed price quotes or can manage projects on a Cost+ basis, what ever suits you! We also specialise in equipment relocation, reassembly, integration with new equipment and adapting handling solutions. Onsite modifications, additions, or removals are all possible with our team of trained professionals.

Unlike other site crews, the Icon team has a permanent workshop capable of component manufacture and machine building as well as mobile workshops, which are shipped to site for installations requiring onsite workshop capabilities. We are self sufficient, and come with the tools, resources, and knowhow, to get the job done right and and on-time.

Bottle Filling Machine Australia
Bottle Filling Machine Australia

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