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Conveyor Solution

High quality industrial conveyor systems for handling of bottles, cans, bags, and cartons. Robust and low maintenance energy efficient systems. Our industrial conveyor systems are designed and build in Icon's Melbourne facility in Australia. Icon has been designing, modifying and integrating their conveyor systems and specialty stations for decades. Icon supplies fully integrated customised solutions as well as stand alone conveyor systems for all applications. Our systems are specifically design for the food and beverage industry with the highest quality and hygiene and standards.


  • Various speed and load options
  • Integrated into line control
  • Motor gearbox options
  • Power efficient and low friction options
  • Easy to Adjust
  • Accumulation options
  • Overhead options
  • Industrial conveyors designed and build in Australia

Icon Benchfill

Icon's Benchfill was designed with the intention of creating a simple, robust, and versatile solution for customers looking for filling station capable of running a vast range of products with almost any container style and size. Dependable and long-lasting bottle filling solution, The Benchfill wont disappoint.


  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Saves and stores filling programs
  • Calculates and displays the Production Rate (Bottles/Minute)
  • Easy to navigate menu
  • East to set-up. Easy to adjust
  • Multi bottle change parts
  • Small footprint. High fill rate.
  • Hygienic design and materials

Carton Erect & Seal Solutions

The new style carton erectors and sealers are optimized to gently yet firmly seal a carton with automated options driving cartons into the unit, closing the flaps, finally top and bottom sealing. The machine runs autonomously with on demand functions.

Efficient and robust, our carton sealing options will make the awkward and manual process of sealing cartons simple and easy.


  • Easy adjust for wide range of cartons
  • Positive belt driven
  • Top flap closing & Top and bottom sealing
  • Cutter safety system to avoid cuts
  • Available in coated or stainless steel
  • Up to 30 cartons per minute
  • 36 step QC process ensures highest quality
  • Compact footprint

Guarding & HEPA Enclosures

Icon specialises in machine guarding and HEPA enclosures and has done so for decades. Our enclosures are purpose designed, and are suitable for new equipment or legacy equipment, and can be fully integrated into safety or monitoring systems. Our enclosures are fabricated using heavier gauge stainless steel, polycarbonate, and fittings.


  • 304 Stainless Steel construction
  • Heavier gauge materials
  • Integrated into control systems
  • Custom designed
  • Practical and functional designs
  • Allows easy change overs and maintenance
  • Ensures product and personnel safety
  • Hygienic design and materials

Filling Solutions

Icon has a range of filling equipment suitable for start ups and small volume applications. Budget friendly without compromising quality, function, or industry requirements, Icon's fillers are available to suit most applications and budgets. Icon offers a variety of filling technologies including gravity fillers, piston fillers, peristaltic fillers, flow meter fillers, net weight fillers and many more. Icon manufacture in Melbourne Australia and team up with key suppliers to provide the best range, at the best value, while staying true to our industrial roots to offer the highest possible quality and level of service.


  • Food safe/Hygienic options
  • Chemical resistant options
  • All in one solutions
  • Easy change bottle/cap
  • Easy to navigate menus
  • East to Set-up. Easy to Adjust
  • Stand alone or integrated solutions
  • Wide range of accessories and parts

Icon Capping Solutions

High quality bottle cappers and cap tighteners for screw caps, lug caps and snap-on caps from 10 to 130mm in diameter. Dependable and long- lasting bottle capping machines that provide excellent repeatable torque accuracy. Designed and built in New Hampshire, USA. The first Kinex Capping Machine was built in 1937. Since then, innovation and development has not stopped. Today, Kinex offers a wide variety of capping equipment and accessories for both low speed and higher speed applications.

Teaming up with Icon Equipment in Australia, to offer the highest levels of service.


  • Excellent Repeatable Torque Accuracy
  • Saves and Stores Capping Programs
  • Calculates and Displays the Production
  • Rate (Bottles/Minute)
  • Easy to navigate menu
  • East to Set-up. Easy to Adjust
  • Mounts over new or existing conveyor
  • Wide range of chucks and inserts
  • CE certified

Conveyor Lubrication Solution

MicroDry® Air is a patented dry coating system for PET air conveyors.

MicroDry® Slat is a patented dry lubrication system for mechanical conveyor belts.

MicroDry® All-In-One is a patented dry lubrication & cleaning system for mechanical conveyors.


  • No more bottle jams or stick-slip issues
  • Excellent ROI
  • Reduced Energy consumption
  • Dry micro coating
  • Top & bottom lubrication
  • Increased life of conveyor chains/belts
  • Reduced ambient noise
  • Biodegradable lubricant
  • FDA approved (NSF-H1)

Bottle Unscrambling & Rinsing Solutions

Rotary Unscramblers maximise the benefits of production lines by saving time and money, processing up to 18,000 bph in any format. AAF Rotary Unscramblers offer all the benefits of our Rotary unscrambler with the Automatic Adjustable Funnel for automatic format change, enabling the pre-programming of over 20 different formats and making changes in less than 30 seconds. Unscrambler & Rinser provides two essential elements in a production line together in a single piece of equipment.


  • Manual to Fully Auto Unscrambler options
  • Automatic changeover for up to 20 bottles
  • Reduced Energy consumption
  • Food & Pharmaceutical grade equipment
  • Monoblock unscrambler rinser options
  • Small footprint
  • Bottle Depalletising options
  • Bottling handling solutions up and downstream

Drying & Blowing Solutions

The quality of your packaging, from labelling and date coding to secondary packaging, is essential to your brand. With packaging technology continuously advancing, it’s more important than ever to ensure your product is ready to be packaged and sent out into the world. Whether you need to dry containers, blow off product, dry large-scale equipment, or rinse containers, JetAir has a product for your needs.


  • Drying System
  • Ionised Rinsing
  • Blow off system
  • Drying system
  • Rinse drying system
  • Shields and tunnels
  • Air knives
  • Enclosures
  • Customised solutions

Icon Change Parts

Icon Change Parts are designed to your specifications and are 100% Australian made. From our design department through to CNC routing and laser cutting, all stages of the process are undertaken locally and are based on your bottle drawing and samples. All Icon Change Parts are made from the highest quality food grade stainless steel, HDPE, Acetal, or UHMWPE. Change Part sets are clearly identified with colour coding for easy ID.


  • Food grade 304 Stainless, HDPE & Acetal
  • Precision design on 3D CAD
  • Precision CNC routing
  • Computer Aided Simulation
  • Customised inhouse jig testing
  • Easy to set-up. Easy to adjust
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Maximise output through small tolerances and higher run rates

Icon Capabilities

Icon Equipment International and Icon Equipment Rentals have years of experience in packaging and end of line solutions or the Dairy, Food & Beveridge, Cosmetics, Medical, Chemical, Consumer Goods, and Agri Products industries. Our philosophy is to provide the highest levels of service to our clients without compromise, while ensuring we remain a viable partner for our clients regardless of their size or industry.


  • Medical & Chemical
  • Dairy & Beverage
  • Consumer Goods
  • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • Pastes & Viscous Products
  • Argi Products

Staying Updated with Icon Equipment

For businesses looking to stay updated on the latest in liquid filling technology, the Icon Equipment YouTube channel offers insights, demonstrations, and a closer look at the innovations shaping the industry’s future.