RML & Icon Equipment – working together for Food Packaging Machines

RML with Icon Equipment, offers cutting-edge food packaging machines, customised for diverse product formats. Experience efficiency like never before.

  Food Packaging Machines

RML & Icon Equipment: A Partnership Shaping the Future of Production for Food Packaging Machines

When you think about the world of industrial production, it’s not just machines and conveyor belts. It’s about understanding challenges, finding solutions, and building lasting partnerships. That’s the story of RML and Icon Equipment – click here for RML’s website.

RML: One-stop shop innovation,
a lifetime of care

RML solve production line challenges by providing customers with automation solutions and quality components that will free up human potential. With 40+ years of industry experience, this has earned them a reputation for designing cutting-edge Production Automation Machinery.

What sets the business apart is its comprehensive, one-stop-shop approach. From the initial stages of innovative solution design and development, through precision manufacturing and construction, to installation and lifetime service, RML offers a seamless and comprehensive service package, working closely with customers to understand their unique needs, and customising solutions to maximise efficiency, productivity, and cost-effectiveness. With RML Machinery Ltd as your partner, you can trust that you are investing in cutting-edge automation solutions and high-quality components that will drive your business forward

Icon Equipment: RML’s service partner 

Icon Equipment, with decads of expertise in commissioning production lines, proudly serves as the official distributor and service partner for RML in Australia. Aligned in our commitment to service excellence and customer care, this partnership expands the accessibility of the RML experience to a broader customer base across the country. Together, leveraging our extensive experience in commissioning production lines, we are steadfast in our dedication to delivering unparalleled service and support.

Diving Deeper into RML’s Offerings For Everyday Brands

RML excels at customising machines to meet the unique needs of customers.

Their ability to consistently provide innovative solutions is a credit to their constantly evolving team of over 60 people who are committed to providing forward-thinking solutions for customers.   

This combination of experience and knowledge has led to RML completing thousands of successful projects from Cartoning and Case Packer Machines; Conveyor, Assembly, and Palletising Solutions; Robotic Automation Systems; to Lidders and Closers. These projects have been completed for leading brands in sectors such as FMCG, Dairy, Logistics, Industrial Automation, Petfood, and Infant Formula, and in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, India, UK, as well as the USA. 

Case Packers: RML provides automatic case packing solutions for a diverse range of applications, spanning from sugar and infant formula to ice cream and pet food. RML’s product range caters to both low-speed operations and large, high-speed, multi-layer intermittent motion case packer machines.

The ideal automatic case packer solution is tailored to your specific product design, factory footprint, conveying needs, unit throughput, budget, and hygiene requirements. RML’s collaborative approach ensures that customers benefit from solutions that optimize cardboard size, apply glue efficiently, utilize glue instead of tape where feasible, and offer perforated cases for shelf-ready presentation. 

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 Expert Sales with RML Collaboration
At Icon Equipment, our sales process is enriched by our partnership with RML. We guide clients through RML’s extensive machinery range, ensuring they select a tailored fit for their production needs, backed by our expertise.

 Installation of RMLs Machines

We guide customers through the extensive machinery range RML have to offer, ensuring they select a customized fit for their production needs, backed by our expertise.

Commissioning and Servicing RML Innovations
Post-installation, Icon Equipment takes the lead in commissioning RML machines, ensuring they operate at peak performance. Our dedicated service team is always ready to assist, ensuring that your RML equipment runs smoothly and consistently.

Genuine RML Spare Parts Availability
Understanding the importance of minimal downtime, Icon Equipment provides genuine RML spare parts. We ensure swift availability, so your RML machinery experiences minimal disruptions and maintains peak performance.

Staying Updated with Icon Equipment

For businesses looking to stay updated on the latest in liquid filling technology, the Icon Equipment YouTube channel offers insights, demonstrations, and a closer look at the innovations shaping the industry’s future.

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With Australia’s business landscape booming, there’s a growing call for top-notch liquid filling machines. That’s where companies like Icon Equipment step in. They’re not just offering machines; they’re providing solutions tailored to the distinct challenges and aspirations of Aussie businesses.

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