Filling Machines Australia

We offer a range of in line fillers for filling products from low to high viscosity, from water to aqueous cream. We offer both Mag Flowmeter fillers for conductive products as well as Mass Flowmeter fillers for non-conductive products.  We also offer a range of gear pump fillers, gravity fillers, peristaltic fillers, and volumetric fillers.

Gravity Fillers

Semi Automatic gravity level filler to fill free flowing low viscosity products; such as milk, water, beverages, cordials, vinegars etc. Included is a tank that will hold approximately 60 litres. The level filler is also offered with an option of a level control which will be fitted to the inside of the tank.

The level filler is completely adjustable and 200ml up to 5L bottles can be filled on the machine. Spacer change parts are supplied with the machine to adjust the fill volumes. The level filler is also very easy to clean for change overs of different products.

Filling Machines Australia

Boasting a vast range of equipment to suit all types of bottle and container filling. Icon supplies both a range of in house manufactured and reconditioned machines, as well as low and high speed options sourced through our network of key suppliers of highly specialised equipment suppliers to suit any type of filling requirement.

Net Weight Fillers

Electronic weigh filler-capper, made of 304 stainless steel and designed to fill a wide variety of products into various containers sizes and shapes. Our rotary weight fillers are the ideal solution to fill any homogeneous liquid products, including food, fragile, abrasive, corrosive or inflammable products.

Aseptic Fillers

The in-line packaging sterilization method uses a chemical treatment process (peracetic acid, hydrogen peroxide) or electron-beam (BluStream) for more compacity and greater environmental efficiency. The design of the aseptic filling turret is unique with Multiflow (patented) magnetic valves. Servo-driven capper and waterproof heatsealer with hygienic designs. Aseptic isolator with unidirectional sterile air flow. Delivered with CIP/SIP module.

Blow-Fill Lines

The COMBOX series (blow-fill-cap) is ideally suited for high value added products and low/medium size batches. No over-sizing, no over-investment. If you’re looking for PET Bottle Blow Molding machines, check out how Serac Blow Linear machines can provide more advantages.

Tub, Bladder, BiB Fillers

Icon has a variety of solutions for the filling of tubs, bladders, and Bag-in-Box applications. Sourced only from our innovative partners who produce only the best quality equipment.

IBC-Drum Fillers

Icon Equipment International can offer a range of Drum and IBC fillers for any liquid or semi-liquid products.

Gallery of Equipment

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