Filling Machines Australia

We offer a range of in line fillers for filling products from low to high viscosity, from water to aqueous cream. We offer both Mag Flowmeter fillers for conductive products as well as Mass Flowmeter fillers for non-conductive products.  We also offer a range of gear pump fillers, gravity fillers, peristaltic fillers, and volumetric fillers.

Inline Filling Machine

Our Semi-Automatic gravity level filler is specifically designed for free-flowing, low-viscosity liquids such as milk, water, and beverages, equipped with a 60-liter tank and adjustable settings for bottles ranging from 200ml to 5L. This machine, ideal for quick product changeovers, offers easy cleaning and optional level control for enhanced accuracy. Alongside this, we offer Flowmeter and Peristaltic fillers, renowned for their high precision and low maintenance, suitable for a wide range of filling volumes and equipped with intuitive touch screen controls for seamless operation.

In the realm of Volumetric fillers, our models range from 4 to 16 heads with multi-lane capabilities, featuring advanced ball screw drive technology for precise control over product flow, ensuring unmatched accuracy. These fillers are designed for rapid bottle size changes, courtesy of a tool-less change parts system, and include our unique “Drain Dry” system as part of the CIP system. Additional features such as interlocked guarding, diving nozzles, and colour touch screens make these machines highly adaptable for diverse industrial filling needs.

Rotary Gravity Fillers

Icon Equipment International has a real knack for delivering a variety of filling solutions, perfectly fitting for all sorts of bottle and container needs. In our lineup, you’ll find machines we’ve built ourselves and ones we’ve brought back to life with some expert TLC. Plus, we’ve got machines that vary from leisurely low-speed to whizzing high-speed, all thanks to our solid ties with some of the best equipment suppliers out there. Take our Icon 2-valve Handifiller, for instance. It’s a real gem for anyone dealing with liquids that flow easily, like your everyday milk or juice. This machine is a sturdy piece of work, made entirely of 304 stainless steel and runs on air – pneumatically, that is. And if you’re looking for a bit more oomph, you can add on things like a cap hopper and sorter.

When it comes to the heavier side of production, we’ve got your back with our medium-volume automatic filling lines. These are real time and labor savers. We use our experience and know-how to kit you out with equipment that’s just right for your liquid needs. And for those of you in the fast lane, our high-speed fillers are the business. They come with all sorts of handy features like Rotary Rinsers and Foil Cappers for a fully automated, easy-peasy experience. Changing things up with these machines is a breeze – no tools needed – and you can tweak the filling speed to your heart’s content. Plus, with a top-notch CIP system in place, they’re a dream for businesses looking to keep things moving smoothly and reliably.

Net Weight Fillers

Net weight fillers, built with the sturdy 304 stainless steel, are quickly becoming indispensable in production settings. Purpose built and robust; they’re versatile too, perfectly filling a variety of products into different container sizes and shapes. Whether it’s standard food items or trickier substances like corrosive liquids, these machines handle them all with incredible accuracy, hitting the mark at about 1g/litre. This precision doesn’t just mean getting the right amount in every bottle or jar; it also translates to saving products and money, often paying back the investment cost in just a few years.

Icon Equipment’s state-of-the-art nozzle technology. It allows for quick and easy switching between all kinds of liquids – from the light and frothy to the thick and gooey – all on the same line, and without the need for any time-consuming recalibrations or adjustments. Combining quick and efficient setup method, means you can switch tasks without losing a beat. The machines are also kitted out with handy features like pneumatic cappers and enclosed cabins with air generators to keep things sterile, making them a reliable choice for all sorts of businesses. Safety and durability features, further add to their appeal. Icon’s net weight fillers are a clever pick for any business looking to nail the perfect balance between cost, speed, and maintaining high-quality standards in their production process.

Aseptic Fillers

Aseptic fillers are a real game-changer in the packaging world, especially because they use top-notch sterilization techniques. They either go for chemical treatments, like peracetic acid or hydrogen peroxide, or something high-tech like BluStream’s electron-beam method. This isn’t just good for the environment, but it also makes the whole setup more compact. The way these fillers are built is pretty neat too – they’ve got these unique Multiflow magnetic valves, servo-driven cappers, and heat sealers that keep everything watertight and clean. Plus, there’s an aseptic isolator that keeps the air flow sterile and directed just right, and they come with this whole Clean-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilize-In-Place (SIP) setup.

The perks of using aseptic fillers are hard to ignore. They’re super adaptable, able to handle all sorts of recipes, materials, and packaging types all on the same line. It’s like having a Swiss Army knife for filling! Serac’s aseptic fillers are especially durable, so you know you’re getting a good bang for your buck over the years. They also keep track of everything during the sterilization process and record all the important stuff, which is great for keeping tabs on production. Designed with cleanliness in mind, these machines can handle a whole range of container sizes, from tiny 50 ml bottles to larger 2l ones, and work with materials like PET, HDPE, and PP. If you’re looking at filling up thousands of bottles an hour – anywhere from 6,000 to a whopping 48,000 – these fillers have got you covered.

Blow-Fill Lines

The COMBOX series excels in managing products that require special attention and are produced in smaller batches.. It’s a blow-fill-cap setup that’s just right for those who want to add a lot of value without spending too much or getting more machine than they need. If you’re on the hunt for machines that do PET Bottle Blow Molding, the Serac Blow Linear machines might be just what you need. They come loaded with advantages, such as eliminating the need for additional equipment like silos or air conveyors, leading to significant savings in investment costs. Plus, they’re pretty efficient on the labor front – you only need one person to manage two machines. Another perk is that you can cut down on bottle weight since you don’t have to move them around too much. This not only saves costs but is also great for hygiene because the bottles stay clean and the process from heating to filling is seamless. And, the Combox is pretty neat and compact, so you don’t need a lot of room for it.

Then there’s the Serac Blow Linear (SBL) series, perfect for those who want to keep an eye on their transport and storage costs but still want their bottles to be top quality. These machines are super versatile, able to make everything from big 5L bottles for edible oils down to tiny 50 mL sample bottles. So, if you’re a medium-sized bottle filler and want to keep things economical without compromising on the quality of your bottles, these machines could be the solution you’re looking for.

Tub, Bladder, BiB Fillers

In the packaging game, Icon Equipment has the lineup that really covers all the bases, especially when it comes to filling tubs, bladders, and those handy Bag-in-Box (BiB) formats. Icon’s partners are leading experts in the field, guaranteeing that each semi-automatic machine providing the highest of quality. Machines that excel in versatility, adeptly managing everything from standard liquids to the thicker, semi-liquid products, the ideal choice for a variety of packaging needs!

Then there’s the thing about semi-automatic filling machines – they’re kind of a big deal in packaging these days. They hit that sweet spot between being fast and being precise, which is pretty much gold for anyone in the packaging business. They’re especially great when you’ve got liquids or semi-liquids to package. Machines focused on boosting efficiency while maintaining precise accuracy, which is increasingly becoming the preferred choice for packaging tasks. The best part? Flexible in nature: capable of managing a diverse array of products and volumes, which is essential for keeping pace with the rapidly evolving packaging industry.

IBC-Drum Fillers

Icon Equipment International has a variety of Drum and IBC filler systems, suitable for most liquid or semi-liquid products. Systems are designed to cater to the specific needs of your business for efficient and accurate filling. Focus on precision and consistency, these fillers are designed to ensure optimal performance for both liquid and semi-liquid substances.

We’ve got you with your filling needs! Icon have robust and precise filling options. Offering a large range of solutions for efficiency, accuracy, and repeatability, making them ideal for businesses looking for reliable and high-quality filling systems.

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Our Partners

Icon Equipment offers a comprehensive list of industry leading partners, each specialists in their field of filling machinery. 



Serac is the worlds’ leading non-contact weight filling and capping equipment manufacturer.



Providing production automation solutions & quality components to industry leaders.


Bottling-Machine-Icon-Equipment-Turnkey-Filling-Lines Filtec Partner

Founded in 1958, FILTEC is a leading manufacturer of filling and capping equipment.


Technica Partner

Providing automation and robotic solutions across 3 locations around the world.


STV partner

Project and manufacturing of machines for the agro-food and canning industry.



Traktech are specialists in empty bottle handling technologies.



CHP, founded in Belgium in 1997, is a leading supplier of dry lubrication systems.


Claranor Partner

World leader in packaging sterilisation by pulsed light.

Air Knife Systems


Designs and manufactures high performance Blowers, Air Knives and complete blow-off systems.

KINEX Cappers

Kinex Partner

Kinex Cappers manufactures capping machines, bottle cappers, and cap tighteners.