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Icon Equipment International Pty Ltd manufactures and supplies the flowable liquid industry with equipment based on innovation, solid engineering and responsive customer service.

Icon Equipment International has become a well known and respected name throughout many industries and companies not only in Australia and New Zealand, but also within South East Asia and the Middle East.

Complete packaging lines can be provided to suit both low and high speed requirements for a range of industries including the food & beverage, chemical, personal care and pharmaceutical industries.


Filling, capping and packaging solutions within the dairy sector must be capable of high speed, continuous operation, often in wet, humid environments which are subject to regular wash down and CIP regimes.

And because milk is a sensitive product, it must be handled very precisely. Icon Equipment International has the expertise to meet these challenges.

Icon Equipment International has over 25 years experience within the dairy sector, with our filling systems, for example, used to fill yoghurt tubs at relatively low speeds, through to extremely high speed fresh milk facilities. All of our equipment is manufactured from stainless steel and is easily washed down. Our fillers have simple CIP cleaning requirements, with some models able to operate for over 24 hours between CIP cycles.

Non-Alcoholic Beverage Industry

Often operating across multiple shifts per day, high speed beverage facilities are demanding environments. And even smaller facilities may often have the demands of products with high sugar or acidity levels.

The ever-changing drinking habits of beverage consumers, from energy drinks to sports drinks, from spring water to fruit juices, also means that filling solutions need to flexible enough to adapt to market, and marketers, demands. Production runs may be small, for unique products, so rapid product changes are a key requirement too.

Icon Equipment International has been a key supplier to the local and international non-alcoholic beverage industry since our inception, over 25 years ago. We’ve supplied filling solutions of all capacities, including capping systems, conveying, bottle washers and carton filling solutions.

Staying Updated with Icon Equipment

For businesses looking to stay updated on the latest in liquid filling technology, the Icon Equipment YouTube channel offers insights, demonstrations, and a closer look at the innovations shaping the industry’s future.

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With Australia’s business landscape booming, there’s a growing call for top-notch liquid filling machines. That’s where companies like Icon Equipment step in. They’re not just offering machines; they’re providing solutions tailored to the distinct challenges and aspirations of Aussie businesses.

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