Icon Equipment Staff Members

David Perryman | Managing Director

Managing Director David Perryman Icon Equipment

David Perryman is the Managing Director of Icon Equipment and has been involved in the food packaging and beverage industry for over 30 years.  He was the Operations Manager and General Manager of Fogg Filler (Australia) prior to purchasing the business of Icon Equipment. 

With an engineering background, David has the technical experience as well as the managerial skills to assist him with innovative problem solving and decision making as well as providing the best ideas and solutions to any new or existing filling lines. 

Drawing on his wealth of knowledge and experience from within the industry, David’s positive approach to situations has led to numerous major installations throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia and the Middle East. 

David is dedicated to providing the best quality service to all new and existing customer and is able to do this with the help of the incredible Icon Equipment team that he has helped build.

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Pauline Kostas | Office Manager

Office manager Pauline Kostas has been with Icon Equipment since 2003

Office manager Pauline Kostas has been with Icon Equipment since 2003

With a background in business management Pauline has filled many roles in her time at Icon from, involvement in large project tenders, spare parts, HR, customer service, accounts, sale support, marketing and reception duties.

Pauline has cultivated a strong family atmosphere here at Icon that encourages everyone at Icon to produce their best. Her positive influence can be felt right throughout the company and she is often referred to as “holding the company together”.

A true Icon leader, Pauline loves spending time with her family, watching her favourite AFL team the Hawks and helping Icon to excel.  

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Maz Al-Shibani | General Manager

Maz profile image

Heading the Icon team is our General Manager and head of Service and After Sales, Maz Al-Shibani. With over 15 years of experience in engineering and management, Maz coordinates and directs the Icon Team, Servicing Department and Engineers to help deliver quick, effective and efficient solutions to our customer’s needs.

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Ramya Ganessane | Accountant

Ramya Ganessane Accountant at Icon Equipment

Ramya's outstanding performance in her field is drawn from her genuine love for her work and keen attention to detail. Ramya is a true professional in her field with a passion and dedication to be admired.

Her responsibilities at Icon range across the businesses finance from accounts payable and receivable, complying with tax deadlines, payroll, weekly reporting and even budgeting. It is Ramya's genuine passion for her work that makes her the perfect fit for the Icon family.

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Russell Barnes | Project lead / senior service technician

Russell Barnes is the Project lead and service manager for Icon Equipment

Russell Barnes is the Project lead and service manager for Icon Equipment, with over 25 years of experience behind him. His expertise range through all areas of production, electrical and mechanical installation and project management.

With over two decades of experience previously with Nippy’s fruit Juices as Plant and Maintenance Manager, as well as being supported by a team of highly skilled and qualified service technicians, Russell is providing a leading first class service and commitment to all projects he is involved in.

Russel is an integral part of the proud Icon Equipment family and plays a key role in helping Icon to deliver an exceptional level of service.

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Stanton Baker | Senior Service Technician

Service technician Stanton Baker is part of highly skilled and qualified team of service technicians.

Service technician Stanton Baker is part of highly skilled and qualified team of service technicians. He has responsibilities ranging from building, maintaining and installing a variety of Icons specialised machinery.

When an issue or problem is found on site Stan is one of the experts called in to solve it. After a professional analysis of production or filling lines Stan will identify and solve issue with innovative solutions and highly specialised custom made parts designed and built specifically to meet customer’s needs.

This specialised level of services comes from his high level of qualification and over 20 years of experience in the industry. If asked Stanton will tell you his job is finding creative technical solutions.

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Peter Markis | Service Technician

Peter Markis has over 30 years of experience in the filling and packaging/beverage industry

Peter Markis has over 30 years of experience in the filling and packaging/beverage industry. Peter is highly skilled with years of expertise and experience with the building, installation and maintenance of filling machines all around the world.  

With the assistance of highly skilled and qualified service technician team who build, test, oversea and service each machine, Perter has become a service specialist in the industry. Together they work towards making sure each machine operates at its most effective and optimal level, providing Icons customers with the best quality product available

Peter’s expertise make him an invaluable member of the Icon family with a high level of skill that can only be earned through years of hard work and dedication. 

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Ajitesh Shukla | Business Development & Technical Sales Manager

Ajitesh Shukla

Aj has over 28 years’ experience in engineering manufacturing, having worked at different levels in India before migrating to Australia in 2003.
Started working from shop floor and then moved into Technical Sales.  Since then he has worked for almost 14 years in FMCG industry, selling a huge range of Engineering solutions to variety of clients across Australia.
Such a vast experience and technical expertise under his belt helps him understand all aspects of client’s production requirements including the need for quality products and critical delivery times.
With his technical understanding he brings an eye for production efficiencies and has the ability to consider technical solutions whether you are innovating new processes or looking for a unique solution.

Aj’s personality, his can do attitude, unwavering client focus and dedication towards customers, further reinforces Icons commitment towards care for all its customers making Aj a leading and proud member of the Icon family.

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