Icon Equipment offers range of services and benefits from after sales support, one off or regular and maintenance, scheduled site visits and servicing plans, emergency and preventative maintenance and regular troubleshooting and support

What are the benefits of exploring your servicing options?

  • Well maintained and serviced equipment can perform more efficiently, will have a greater lifecycle and retain greater value.
  • Ability to fix or prevent problems before they cause emergency shut downs.
  • Reduced down time due to preventative maintenance.
  • Expert technicians with specified knowledge who can fix or prevent issue they may not have even started to show signs yet
  • Reduced risk of product contamination
  • Reduced risk of product and material waste


Icons main aim is to provide top quality services that will enhance and further your business. We pride ourselves on our expertise and ability to provide and improve solutions wherever possible

Heading the Icon Service team is our Service and After Sales Manager, Maz Al-Shibani. With over 15 years of experience in engineering and management Maz coordinates and directs the Icon Servicing Department and Engineers to help deliver quick, effective and efficient solutions to customer’s needs.

To make a service enquiry please fill out the bellow form or contact our service department directly at [email protected]