Fully Automated Bottle Unscrambler

Icon offers a range of fully automated bottle Unscrambles by Tracktech.


These high performance, advanced unscrambles are designed for medium to high speed applications. Unlike the standard series of bottle Unscrambler, these fully automated Unscramblers require no change parts between different bottle sizes or formats.


This makes the fully automated Unscrambler perfectly suited for lines with multiple products or varying range of sizes, with huge cost and time saving benefits on change over.

Stand bottle Unscrumblers will generally require both additional bottle sorting wheels and bottle chutes/channels. These can be large, costly and time consuming to change over but are necessary requirements for production lines with more then one size or shape container.
With the fully automated Unscrambler, most adjustments between container formats happen automatically and are controlled through the HMI, eliminating the need for change parts.


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