Depalletizer which transfers the bottle layer by lifting it thanks to inflatable pick-up rubbers.

The machine enables a single operator to feed the line, through a few simple operations. It allows the transfer of a whole layer from the pallet onto the depalletizing table in less than a minute, thus eliminating physical stress and giving the operator time to carry out other control tasks.

Due to its small overall size, Babydepal can be also placed into structures with little space available.

The gripping head is fastened to a double-column stainless steel structure, which performs a horizontal translation on railed guides fastened to the floor. It deposits the bottle layer onto the depalletizing table.
Thanks to Babydepal great versatility, changeover is quick and occurs through special spacers.

The depalletizer can be equipped so as to work with different kinds of bottles: cylindrical, conical and rectangular shaped bottles, even with non-standard sizes pallets.

Hundreds of Babydepal are performing in wineries all over the world.

Output: 6000 bottles/hours

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