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Empty Bottle Handling

Efficiently inducting empty bottles and containers in to a filling operation can be a labour intensive and error prone activity, especially when it’s to be performed at high speeds.  Our partnership with international representatives provides you with world leading advanced bottle debagging, conveying and robotic material handling solutions.



Fully Automatic Bottle Debagging


Bags of empty bottles are de-palletised via a robot (or manually) and placed on to the debagging system in-feed station. Each bag is then automatically removed from the layer of bottles by a patented bag cutting and removal system.  The bottles are then fed via a flat-bed transfer carriage with belt driven flight bars and a servo controlled, stable, row stripping mechanism.


The many benefits of  fully automatic debagging machines are;

  • High speed operation enables increased productivity
  • High efficiency and availability reduces downtime and maintenance
  • Hygienic design minimises the risk of container contamination
  • High speed operation: 3L—194bpm, 2L—312bpm, 1L—440bpm, 600mL—528bpm
  • Size change in less than 10 minutes or automatic as an option
  • Operator touch screen for size change, information and production data.
  • Pressureless system more tolerant of bottle variation
  • Accumulation stations allow more production flexibility
  • Clean cutting mechanism to limit bottle contamination 
  • Servo controlled for accuracy and control at high speed.


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