The Icon Drum Style cap sorter is designed to supply properly oriented caps via a cap chute and cap dispensing arrangement. The actual design of the sorter is selected to suit the cap. The cap sorter receives caps from a suitable cap hopper elevator. Supply and demand of caps is controlled via a signal from a photo electric eye in the drum of the sorter, to ensure that the drum is not overloaded.

A sorting disc within the cap sorter picks up caps as it rotates. The sorting disc contains a number of pockets that will only accept the caps in one orientation. The sorting action of the disc is also facilitated by a number of specially designed air nozzles that will cause the caps to be retained in position or slide back to the cap feed zone, depending upon whether they are oriented correctly. Those caps that are correctly oriented then continue to move with the sorting disc to the discharge area where they are diverted into a chute and cap dispenser.


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